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Preface:  This content started development in 1991 as a “spare-time” project for Timeplex’s TAC center (Technical Assistance Center) in Clearwater, FL .  It ran under Novell’s “Folio Views” menu-based help system.   I converted much of the content to Hypertext with the first release of the Mosaic browser for Windows towards the end of 1993.  

Wherever possible, I will preserve the exact text of the original sources to preserve the young, entrepreneurial spirit in which these articles were written.  Enjoy!

Welcome to the Telecom Corner! This site provides useful, self-study information about telecommunications. It’s best to use Netscape’s Communicator/Navigator 4.05 or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 4.X for viewing this site.

This site presents Telecommunications information in 6 general categories:

  • Multiplexing
  • Transmission
  • Networking
  • Switching
  • Modulation
  • History

As the reader will notice, there is a lot of cross-linking between these categories. Ah, but that’s what makes the business fun! It can, however, make browsing the site difficult when using the RETURN button at the top of each page. Please make use of your browser’s Back and Forward buttons.

Site Access

The majority of information on this site is unrestricted and can be retrieved by anyone. However, some areas of information are restricted to the casual viewer by password or domain protections.

Who Uses This Site?

The academic community uses this content to advance their studies of telecommunications. 

Professional Educators can access the information from anywhere. The URL’s don’t change, and the site never gets any smaller! 

Telecom professionals in this field always need to hone their skills. They need to acquire new skills, or focus on particular technologies. 

Telecom equipment manufacturers  use this content to “jump-start” their engineers. Other companies use this information for supplemental in-house training. 

Use of this material

This material is copyrighted by Tampa Bay Interactive and Jared Hall in accordance with US and International copyright law.

Fair use includes:

  • casual copying, like making a copy of a document for your coworkers.
  • using this material for your company’s internal group use (training department). However, the following copyright statement must appear on each section that uses material from the Telecom Corner:
    “This document contains copyrighted material from the Telecom Corner:”

Direct transferal of this information to external parties (training company, Web publisher) is prohibited & does not constitute “fair use”.