About This Site

I’ve had a long and storied career.  This site is a dump of many documents that I have compiled over the years.  It includes the original Telecom Corner materials, for those professionals seeking a better understanding of Telecommunications.   One of the problems that I see in the industry today is that IT and Telecom professionals are not well-rounded.  The fundamentals are missing.  We have become a “Cert-driven” society.  

How can you possibly know where we’re going if you don’t know where we’ve been?

More importantly, this site includes useful security information to help IT professionals protect their networks.  So much network security information is redundant.  Yes, warnings, alerts, and “Talking the Talk” are important.  But, you’ve got to “Walk the Walk” also.  That’s where this site excels.

It provides information, examples, and “How To’s” on improving security.


My Professional Summary

  • Over 30 years of telecom experience, split between development and service.
  • Over 25 years of Internet experience.
  • Worked with almost all the Fortune 500 companies, all US Telecom  Carriers, all US Intelligence agencies, FBI, State Department, all military service branches, ATF, FAA, NASA, and more.
  • Asynchronous, Isochronous, Plesiochronous, and Synchronous Systems? Not a problem!
  • Experienced with all kinds of Ionospheric, Troposcatter, Microwave, and Satellite radio Systems.
  • Worked with many multinational and international companies.
  • Over 12,500 companies/entities served!
  • Awarded two Air Force Commendation medals for work with:
        DoD’s AUTODIN 2 network
        NSA’s Criticom network
  • Great with encryption and Low Bit-Rate Voice systems.
  • Comfortable with anything from Morse code to Modems; from Teletypes to SONET/ATM systems.
  • Owned two small businesses, co-owned two others.
  • Passionate about all things related to Networks and Security.
  • Have a keen interest in Machine Learned Security (MLSec).

In loving memory of Lisa Hall: