RETURN Digital Signaling


Advanced Services Platform (ASP)

Advanced Services Platform (ASP) is an ATT name for powerful service-independent software capabilities. ASP is built upon the SS7 signaling network, and particularly, the Service Control Point (SCP) databases.

    -  Area Number Calling
    -  Clock/Calendar Network Call Forwarding
    -  Directory Number-to-Fax Number Translation
    -  Emergency Hotline
    -  Incoming Call Management
    -  Multi-Location Station Dialing and Portability
    -  Network Call Distributor
    -  Outgoing Call Management ("976-screening")
    -  Private Virtual Networking
    -  Warm Line
    -  Residential Access to Corporate Networks
    -  Access to Centralized Private Facilities
    -  Virtual Private Line
    -  Network Routing to Voice Message Systems
    -  Network Routing to Client/Account Match
    -  Toll Limit Reminder/Control Service