ASCII Control Characters

ASCII “Control” codes can be generated by holding down the CONTROL key and depressing another key simultaneously (on most “dumb” terminals and PC application software). The CONTROL key forces BIT 7 of the standard character to a SPACE. The following table lists ASCII CONTROL codes and their corresponding keys:

   Key       Character
 ---------   ---------
 Control @      NUL
 Control A      SOH
 Control B      STX
 Control C      ETX
 Control D      EOT
 Control E      ENQ
 Control F      ACK
 Control G      BEL
 Control H       BS
 Control I       HT
 Control J       LF
 Control K       VT
 Control L       FF
 Control M       CR
 Control N       SO
 Control O       SI
 Control P      DLE
 Control Q      DC1
 Control R      DC2
 Control S      DC3
 Control T      DC4
 Control U      NAK
 Control V      SYN
 Control W      ETB
 Control X      CAN
 Control Y       EM
 Control Z      SUB
 Control [      ESC
 Control \       FS
 Control ]       GS
 Control ^       RS
 Control _       US